August 28, 2018

F.O. Scrappy Clarke Pullover

I have been spending some time lately going through my cupboards trying to organize and purge.  I came across the first garment I knit in hand dyed yarn six years ago, called the Honeytree Vest.  Yarn and pattern are both by Tanis Fiber Arts.  When I knit this vest I was very inspired by Tanis' original colour choices, and still to this day love the colour combination.  However, the vest was not something I wore, and I decided that this yarn was too special not to repurpose.

Front of Honeytree Vest
Back of Honeytree Vest
I ripped out the vest and ended up with a lot of very curly yarn. 
I soaked the yarn for a long time and then hung it out to dry.   I ended up with a lot of mini balls in the various colours.
After soaking and hanging the yarn to dry
I decided to knit a short sleeve Clarke Pullover.  I have knit two versions of this pattern previously (see here and here) as it is a foolproof pattern, that is easily adaptable.  

And so today I proudly present my finished sweater:

Clarke Pullover

Pattern:  Clarke Pullover

Designer:  Jane Richmond

YarnTanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran Weight (100% merino)

Colourway:  Various quantities of Midnight, Mallard, Sand, Lemongrass, Olive, Chestnut, and Buttercup

Needles:  4.5mm

Ravelry: see notes

Added Notes:
1.  My goal was to stick to the original colours, using up as much of the scrappy bits, supplemented by some partial skeins that I had in my stash. I had no specific striping pattern in mind, I just added different coloured stripes as I knit.

2.  With this many stripes comes a ton of ends to sew in.  But sewing ends in doesn't bother me.  It took me about two hours to sew them all in.

3.  The only modifications I made to the pattern was to knit shorter sleeves, and of course, to add my random stripes of colour.  

4.  As always I am super impressed with Tanis Fiber Arts yarn.  The colours are beautifully dyed and the quality of the yarn is excellent.  If you haven't knit with this yarn before I highly recommend it.

I have to admit that I am super happy that I decided to knit this sweater.  Since the yarn was aran weight, the sweater knit up very quickly, and now I have a new fall sweater to wear in my cupboard.

This sweater was a break from my many works in progress.  I will report on those items soon.  I am trying very hard not to cast on anything else.  However, there seems to be a tempting number of new patterns that have been published recently.  It's a fun time of year to be a knitter!  Don't you agree?