January 12, 2014

Big Birthdays

Well the birthday I have been dreading has come and gone and I have to say that I actually enjoyed it. Somehow it turned into a week long celebration with lots of lovely moments.  One of the highlights was a gift that my friends surprised me with.  They wound 50 balls of yarn and strung the balls together to make a lovely garland.  That's right folks, I admit it, I turned 50.  With the exception of one of these friends, none of these ladies are knitters, so the thought of them sitting there winding up 50 balls of yarn for me really touched my heart!  Over the years these friends have patiently listened to me go on about my latest knitted projects, when I am sure they were wondering when I was going to talk about something else.  Here's a photo:
My lovely garland
Isn't it wonderful?  I will have to find a special place for it that's for sure.

Even my non-knitting sisters got into the knitting mania that is my life and got me the cutest little knitting bag called the Rosemary Bag from Della Q.  Honestly it's the perfect size to carry around a skein or two of yarn and a knitting project.  And they even picked the one that matched my circular needle case that I showed you in an earlier blog.

Rosemary Bag from Della Q
My husband sent 50 tulips to my work which were just gorgeous

50 tulips!

and gave me a gift certificate to Tanis Fiber Arts (as did my sister-in-law).  I guess I am known for my knitting obsession!

Speaking of Tanis she held a Boxing Day sale on Etsy and I was happy to be able to purchase a few things. Her yarn is so hard to resist as she has such a lovely way with colours.  The Red Label (75%merino, 15%cashmere, 10%silk) is incredibly beautiful to work with.

Red Label in Slade and Fjord
I also got two Snowlfing Mitten kits which I intend to knit up for the 2014 Ravellinic Games which is held during the Olympics from February 7-23rd. Will you be joining the fun?

Snowfling Mittens kit
I feel so fortunate to have such lovely friends and family in my life and I am very grateful.

My lovely children and the birthday girl.  Cheers!

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