March 28, 2015

Las Vegas: Part One

In all the craziness that is Las Vegas there are places of real beauty.  My husband and I recently visited Las Vegas and although gambling is not my thing (so much better to spend my money on yarn!) I really enjoyed myself.  My favourite spot to visit was the Bellagio a person who has lived in the depths of winter since November the Bellagio Hotel was an oasis.   Although I wasn't staying at this hotel I enjoyed walking through to admire the beautiful displays and get a taste of spring.  I just wanted to share with you a few pictures of the stunning displays there.

When you are in the hotel lobby there are so many areas that catch your eye. First there are the gardens behind the check in desks:

Then, when you look up to the 18-foot ceiling in the lobby you see the most beautiful glass sculpture consisting of 2000 hand-blown glass blossoms. 

Everywhere I looked I was impressed. This beautiful horse was also in the lobby.

Then while walking through the hallways of the hotel I looked up and these umbrellas caught my attention. 

But my favourite area was the Bellagio Conservatory which showcases different gardens each season. Unfortunately for me, this area was being changed over, so I could only see it partially completed.  Despite that it really was a thing of beauty.  

This turtle's back was made of mostly roses...just stunning.

Then there was the floor to ceiling chocolate fountain with cascading chocolate fourteen feet down running 24 hours a day at the hotel's pastry shop. 


And of course there was the infamous water show that is set to music outside the hotel.

I hope you can now understand why I walked through this hotel more than once!  I think it is definitely worth a visit if you are ever visiting Las Vegas. 

And just so you don't think I spent my whole time wandering in a hotel I wasn't even staying in, next time I will share a few other spots in Las Vegas that also caught my attention.

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