April 6, 2015

Las Vegas: Part Two

Since spring seems to be struggling coming to this part of Canada I will have to resign myself to looking at other parts of the country where flowers are blooming and the sun is shining.   On a recent trip to Las Vegas here are just a few sights that caught my attention.  

sunrises from my hotel window were stunning

poppies in full bloom

Besides the Bellagio, the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel also deserves an honorable mention in the flower department.  Look at the merry-go-round...it is totally made up of flowers.

the horse was made of so many daisies

Then there was the walking path with hanging balls composed of flowers and lights.  Just incredible.

Each ball was more incredible than the last

$25 million Popeye Scultpure displayed at Wynn

At the Aria Hotel the front lobby had beautiful garden with an origami display.

Then there was the amazing Volcano show at the Mirage.

volcano show at the Mirage

To think that some people never leave the casinos and miss all the incredible sights...see what they're missing!


  1. Thanks for showing this other side of Vegas--new to me! I always thought it was all about Casino & drinks. Love your pictures.

  2. Thanks Monica! There is a lot of beauty there.

  3. Thanks Monica! There is a lot of beauty there.