June 14, 2015

Sock Knitting: A New Found Joy

There are so many knitters on Ravelry that almost exclusively knit socks.  I have to admit that has mystified me.  Skinny needles, fine yarn, hours spent knitting such a small object that most people would never see....why bother?

I have to admit that I have totally changed my view.

After my mother-in-law knit me a pair of socks recently I realized how lovely they looked and how wonderful they felt on my feet.   Sure no one could see them but me, but who cares?  After joining the Sweet Fiber Yarn Sock Club I knew the time had come.  I had to try knitting my own pair to see what the fuss was all about.  I decided to start with Susan B. Anderson's basic sock pattern.

Here they are!

It is so weird to take a picture of your own feet!
I have to admit that I totally get the allure of sock knitting.  I enjoyed every moment of making them. The combination of a pretty yarn and learning new techniques made me a very happy knitter.  I love the portability of knitting socks and the fact that they are not such a huge time commitment compared to a sweater.  The best thing for me is that there are an endless amount of patterns to try.

And frankly they feel just great on.

Sweet Fiber Yarns "Wildflower" colourway 
The number of resources available to help a new sock knitter out is amazing.  Fish lips heels?  Afterthought heels? Patterned socks? Toe up?  Magic loop?  These are all terms that I have heard and am excited to try out.   I have started my research about the best guides and here are just a few resources that I feel will really help me out on my sock journey:
  •  I like to watch the Junkyarn podcast and on her website she had a helpful article called So You Want to knit Socks which offers step by step guidance as to what patterns to start with and which ones to knit as your improve your skills.
  • Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book Knitting Rules, which has a great section on knitting socks. 
  • Kate Atherley, a fellow Canadian, is coming out with a book this summer called Knit Socks That Fit.  
The list of resources is endless.  So if you were as foolish as me and haven't tried knitting socks yet what are you waiting for?


  1. your socks look so amazing! love that self striping colourway, and they do look super comfy.

    1. Thanks Julie! I still can't believe they fit.

  2. Welcome to the sock knitting addict club. :)
    Your socks look fantastic!

    1. Thanks Andi! I'm glad to join that club! LOL

  3. Love these socks!! Amazing that they are your first pair. They look gorgeous, they fit well...you even managed to take a modeled shot! So well done Christine!!

  4. Ha ha! Thanks Monica. I can see why you like knitting socks so much. Next you will have me into spinning!