December 13, 2015

The Joy of Beautiful Yarn

Looking back at my Ravelry Project page I realize I have been obsessed with knitting for five years now.  I'll never forget when my mother-in-law first told me about Ravelry.  I was hooked. The wealth of knowledge in this website astounded me.  Five years later I can honestly say I am more passionate about knitting than ever. I don't think a day goes by without me knitting a few stitches.  It just brings me that much joy.

Over the past five years I have bought a lot of yarn.  At the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing.  I just bought what attracted me.  At the time I couldn't get over how the variety of yarn available had changed, compared to when I had first learned to knit in my younger days.  But the more I read, the more I perused Ravelry and many knitter's blogs, the more I learned.  Books like The Knitter's Book of Wool by Clara Parkes as well as her Craftsy video Know Your Yarn helped me gain knowledge.  Nowadays I am much more picky about what I buy and I enjoying trying new yarn.

Besides learning about the variety of yarn available, I am also fascinated with the way dyers dye their yarn and the beautiful colourways they create.  Once such dyer is Melissa Thomson of Sweet Fiber Yarns. Her colourways are so appealing.  This year I joined the Sweet Fiber's Sock Yarn Club and was continuously impressed with the yarn I received.  I really love the expertise in which she dyes beautiful unique colourways.  Have a look:

Indigo Dreams

Stepping Stones

I have to admit that I had a hard time choosing just a few pictures of her yarn to share with you. I realize, as I was looking at my photo library, that I seem to take an inordinate amount of Sweet Fiber Yarn pictures.  They are just that pretty.  Here's a few more if I haven't convinced you yet.


When you join a Yarn Club it is a bit of a risk.  However, I was never disappointed.  I think it was money well spent.

This year another Sweet Fiber colourway that really caught my interest was Chartreuse.  I used the colourway in Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur, one of my favourite shawls I knit this year.


I loved it so much I couldn't resist knitting Amy Miller's Lake Effect in it as well.

Super Sweet Sock:  Chartreuse
Lake Effect

I have some other Sweet Fiber colourways in my stash and I excited to knit with them in 2016.  I look forward to seeing what colourways Melissa comes up with in the coming year.  When you are knitting the right pattern combined with the right yarn it is so joyous.  That's how I feel when I knit with Sweet Fiber Yarns. 


  1. ooh, I haven't used Sweet Fiber before, but it looks amazing! I really like how you showed photos of the skeins, rewound into balls and how they knit up, and unskeined-- gives such a good visual on makes the yarn so pretty.

  2. Oh, this post is such a balm for my eyes! Yarn looks amazing!

  3. Love your post! Especially the changing colours in the background foliage :)

  4. I'm fairly sure I will cave and acquire some Sweet Fibre yarns soon. You are right - her colourways and dyeing technique are just superb! You have good taste! The right yarn is just so important to produce a beautiful project - as yours show that.