August 16, 2016

On the Needles: Blue Brick Yarn, Camellia Fiber Company, & Sweet Fiber Yarns

After getting Madewell off my needles I was very happy to pick a few smaller projects to work on over the next few weeks.  I focused on three yarns I was excited to get on the needles, and after perusing Ravelry in search of that perfect pattern match, I decided on the following:

The first skein that was calling my name was Blue Brick Killarney Sock , an ombré yarn in the colourway Labradorite, an 80% merino and 20% nylon blend.

Blue Brick Killarney Sock

After seeing Julie Crawford's version of Starshower  I decided that I had to get this pattern out of my queue and onto my needles. This lacey cowl, designed by Hilary Smith Callis, is knit back and forth until it is long enough to be joined in the round.  Here's my progress so far.

Starshower by Alicia Plummer
Another skein I have  been excited to cast on is Camellia Fiber Company CFC Flax DK  in Rose Quartz that I have previously showed you.  I only have one skein of this yarn and I really wanted to pick a pattern to showcase this unique blend of fibers (50% alpaca, 25% flax, 25% silk).  I wish you could feel how soft this yarn is.  I have never knit with anything like it before.  After looking at many patterns I decided on Antiquity by Alicia Plummer, a beautiful set of mitts. I love the eyelets and I am so happy with how it's turning out.

Camellia Fiber Flax DK in Rose Quartz
And finally, the third pattern I started is a shawl that I have seen in person, when I was in Vancouver last month.  As mentioned previously in this blog I was quite taken by the display of softsweater's shawls that I saw on display at the yarn store 88 Stitches.  I really think the photos on Ravelry don't do them justice.  A fingering weight shawl called Lanterns was one I knew I definitely had to knit. However, instead of fingering yarn I decided to go with a DK yarn I had in stash called Sweet Fiber Yarns Cashmere DK in Spiced Pumpkin.  I have 800 m of this gorgeous yarn, and I feel that it is going to create a luxurious shawl, that will show off the beautiful stitches in this pattern very well.

Sweet Fiber Yarns Cashmere DK in Spiced Pumpkin


So there you have it, my friends.  That is my knitting plan for the immediate future.  What's on your needles?


  1. I can't wait to see that copper shawl knit up! I love all the projects you have cast-on/about to cast-on! Thanks for sharing! I have a sweater for Rhinebeck that's taking most of my knitting attention, lovely but lots of cables. -Sierra

    1. Hi Sierra! That copper yarn is even more beautiful in person and soooo soft! Sweaters are a big time commitment but so worth it. Does this mean you are going to Rhinebeck?

  2. Yay!!! You are going to love the Starshower cowl, and the Labradorite colourway you chose is stunning, such a good choice. I'm also very smitten with those lovely rose quartz mitts in the making!!

    1. Thanks Julie...the colours in the cowl you made were gorgeous. Blue Brick is very talented.

  3. Love everything you are working on! The mitts look so delicate in that yarn. Do not get me started on the cowl...what a beauty. Cannot wait to see more on these WIPs.

  4. You always choose the most delicious yarn out there! Love your project collection - I am sure when you are done all of them will be spectacular!!