October 18, 2016

Rhinebeck Weekend: Part 1 Indie Untangled

I have dreamed of going to Rhinebeck for a long time, and this year I finally had the chance to go.  It was an incredible event and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was amazing to be around so many yarn obsessed, enthusiastic knitters. Listening to conversations about patterns, yarn and stash was so entertaining. Most people were wearing knitted items, everything imaginable from shawls, sweaters, cardigans, hats and even a few knitted skirts.

My first stop was the Indie Untangled Yarn Show located at the Best Western Hotel in Kingston, NY.  This event is held on the Friday night before Rhinebeck featuring many indie dyers and other artisans.  From 4-5 p.m. people that had paid for V.I.P. tickets had one hour to shop undisturbed before the event was open to the public.  Then from 5-8 p.m. the customers standing in the long line were allowed in.  Once the doors opened there was a mad rush to many of the booths.  One popular booth was Voolenvine Yarns.  People had armfuls of this yarn and the booth was so crowded that I couldn't even get near it.  I went back a bit later and luckily was able to scoop up a few skeins without waiting in a huge line.  I have long been a fan of Voolenvine and Kristen's vlog but it wasn't until I saw her skeins in person that I could see what all the fuss was about.  Her dyeing is incredible and I had a difficult time choosing what skeins to buy.

Voolenvine Yarns:  Wolke-Colourway:  Faeirie Hair

Voolenvine Yarns:  Wolke-Colourway: Deck the Halls

There was so much yarn to choose from - it was overwhelming!  I almost forgot to take pictures, as I was trying to see everything.  Some booths were hard enough to get into due to the crowds, let alone have time to snap a picture.
Here is just a small sample of what was available:

Canon Hand Dyes:  This yarn company was featured in the new quarterly By Hand.  I was interested to see this yarn in person and it really was lovely.

Skeinny Dipping:

 The Uncommon Thread:

A Hundred Ravens

White Birch Fiber Arts 

While I was browsing look who walked right by me...the infamous Stephen West!  Unfortunately this was the best photo I took of him:

There were other famous knitters there that night too.  For example, I saw Deb of the Periscoping Sisters, a very popular podcasting team.   The designer, Laura Aylor was there with all her knitted samples which were gorgeous.

This event was wonderful as it showcased talented indie dyers and I was so happy to have the chance to see their yarn first hand.  What a great night!

Next time: My experience at the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival


  1. Oh, this looks divine! This is my dream to visit the fiber even like this one day! Stephen is very hard to miss in the crowd :) Love the jacket he's wearing!

    1. Thanks Alina! It was so much fun and the amount and variety of yarn was fantastic.

  2. Aw, amazing!! I'm in love with that Woolvine yarn, holy smokes.

  3. Her yarn is quite spectacular. She is one talented lady.