March 12, 2017

F.O. The Grocery Girl

Pattern:  The Girl from the Grocery Store
Voolenvine Wolke:  Faerie Hair
The Girl in the Grocery Store

Designer:  Joji Locatelli
Yarn Voolenvine Yarns Wolke (80% merino 10% nylon 10% cashmere)
Colourway: Faerie Hair

Yarn Julie Asselin Fino (75% merino 15% cashmere 10% silk)
Colourway:  Meet Me By the River

Julie Asselin Fino:  Meet Me By the River (on top) & Voolenvine Yarn Wolke (bottom)

Ravelry:  Link 

Added Notes:  
1.  Both these yarns are lovely and hard to photograph.  I don't think my photos are doing them justice.  I know very little about yarn dyeing but, I have knit enough with various hand dyed yarn, to realize that some really stand out from the rest.  Julie Asselin and Voolenvine Yarns are dyed to perfection and will knit up beautifully guaranteed.  I have other yarn by both these dyers and each skein is simply gorgeous. 

2.  This shawl is a simple pattern, perfect for beginners.  Although there is a bit of lace, it is easy to follow and the result is the perfect sized shawl.

Simple lace edging
3.  What better way to combine a couple skeins of yarn than in a pattern like this.  The possibilities are endless.

I am swatching away here trying to decide which sweater to knit next. Decisions decisions.  In the meantime I am trying to get some projects off the needles. What's next in your queue?


  1. I love the colors you chose for this shawl! So romantic -Sierra

    1. Thank you Sierra! I quite like them too ; )

  2. Love your shawl! The colors of those yarns are so gorgeous!

    Linda in VA

    1. Thanks Linda! Have you ever tried either of these brands? I recommend them.

  3. Beautiful shawl! Wish I had come across that one before I started this boring triangle shawl!

  4. Well I am sure you are using pretty yarn which will make a beautiful triangle shawl! LOL

  5. what a beautiful shawl, and that faerie air skein is out of this world gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful choices for your shawls!! Knitting is great, but even better when you have such nice yarn to play with!!

    1. Thanks Shannon....I am really impressed with both those yarns.

  7. The colours are lovely and the finished shawl is gorgeous.

  8. Such a great color combo! The shawl is really striking!