August 11, 2013

Sweet Georgia Yarns Studio

I am lucky to live in such a beautiful country as Canada.  This summer I had the pleasure of visiting Vancouver for a week.  Everytime I travel I enjoy checking out the yarn stores in the area.  Vancouver has many terrific yarn stores and I was fortunate to visit almost all of them!  One place I really wanted to visit was the Sweet Georgia Yarns Studio (110-408 East Kent Avenue South) as I am a big fan of this line of yarn and I also like to support the Canadian yarn designers.   In this studio they hand-dye yarn and spinning fibres.  Most of the yarn stores I visited carry some of the Sweet Georgia lines but in the studio they carried the different bases.  This studio is located in the middle of an industrial area and was a bit of drive from downtown Vancouver.

When I entered the Studio there was a shopping area with many of the bases.  The colours were amazing to see in person.  I did want to buy a sweater’s worth of one of the yarns I saw but it was explained to me that most of the skeins available were in different dye lots.  I was told that sometimes they have enough in the back to sell of one dye lot but that was not the case on the day I was there.  I am definitely glad I went because there is a difference between seeing the colours and touching the yarn in person.  I did come away with a couple different skeins.  It was definitely worth the visit and I recommend stopping by there if you are ever in Vancouver.

Lots to choose from

Another purple purchase:  Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Fine

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