May 11, 2014

So Pretty: Line Break Shawl

Remember this yarn?

Well I am pleased to announce that I finished my Line Break Shawl by Veera Valimaki in Malabrigo Sock and I couldn't be happier with it.  You know the feeling, knitters, when the yarn and the pattern feel just right together.  That's how I felt when knitting this shawl.  When choosing this pattern I was looking for something that would show off the beauty of the yarn and not compete with it.  This pattern allowed the colour to be the star of the show.  Line Break was very calming to work on but not boring, especially when knitting with such a variegated colourway.  I never knew what colour was coming next.  This piece blocked out quite nicely. The preblocking measurement was 55 x 17 inches to 74 x 21 after blocking.  The result was an airy large shawl perfect for the this time of year.
Line Break Shawl

I am really becoming a fan of Malabrigo yarn.  The combination of colours in their yarns are quite beautiful.


  1. That colorway is wonderful! I just bought my first Malabrigo yarn. Being a new knitter, I am anxious to try it out. I love how the color changes in this shawl.

  2. It's even prettier in real life! Malabrigo is a great will enjoy using it.