July 14, 2015

New York City: Summer of 2015 Part 1

Every now and then my husband and I love to go away for a fun-filled weekend in New York.  

Of course every visit to New York has to include Purl Soho.  It never disappoints. Look at all this yarny goodness in the front window:

Walking around this store just makes me happy.

Purl Soho
Our hotel was literally around the corner from a number of bead, ribbon and button shops.  As every knitter knows good buttons can make a sweater.  One place I visited was M&J Trimming.  There were so many buttons to choose from. I ended up not buying any...the selection was overwhelming!

This was just one small sample of the variety of buttons available

We decided to try a three hour walking Greenwich Food and Culture Tour, and were not disappointed.  During this tour we ate the most delicious pizza from Joe's Pizza, munched on a warm cookie from Milk & Cookies Bakery, sampled cheese at Murray's and visited a restaurant called Palma that was just full of flowers, to name a few.  We ended our tour with a an amazing cannoli from Pasticceria Rocco.  This tour is definitely worth taking. In addition to the wide variety of food we tasted, the introduction to many small restaurants, that we would have never known about was invaluable. We definitely will return to them next time we come.

During this visit we stayed in the Archer Hotel, a lovely boutique hotel right in the heart of downtown.  In the hotel is a fabulous restaurant called fabrick by David Burke.  The menu was so interesting and the food was delicious.  Take my Lobster BLT Steamed Bun below.  It was so good, I am still thinking about it!  

Lobster BLT with candied bacon!

The other fun thing to do in this hotel is to go up to the top floor to the Spyglass Rooftop Bar, have a cocktail and watch the sunset over the city and the Empire State Building.  We did this on the last night and it was a great way to end the trip.

I also wanted to show you pictures of a store I visited, the Purl Soho of kitchen stores!  But I feel I have gone on long enough for today. Stay tuned for my next blog post where I will share some details about this store and entice you to go the next time you visit.


  1. looks liek it was a fantastic trip! I've never been to NYC, but one of these days- your enticing photos of all that yarny goodness and those buttons will likely ensure I won't give Purl Soho a miss.

    1. You definitely would enjoy it. Knitty City is also an amazing store to visit too.