July 19, 2015

Store Find: Fishs Eddy NYC Part 2

It's so much fun to discover a new store when you're travelling.  Next to visiting knitting stores I enjoy kitchen stores.  And did I ever find a treasure in New York City.  Fishs Edy, located in the Flatiron District, carries a huge variety of dishes and everything else imaginable for your kitchen.  All the products are displayed in a fun and edgy way.

I could have poked around the store for hours.  There were so many unique pieces. 

Go ahead, have a look around:

These pictures only capture a fraction of what they had displayed.  If you love kitchen stores as much as I do this place is definitely worth a visit next time you're in New York City.  I can hardly wait to return!


  1. oh wow, this store looks amazing! I don't think I could have left without buying a tonne of stuff....

  2. That kind of store is one of my favourites!! It would have been so difficult not to buy anything. In fact, yes, I would have bought (several) things! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I hope you to get to see it in person one day.