November 3, 2015

Jenna Rose: Printed Textiles

I have lots of things on the needles but sadly no finished objects to show you this week.  I am currently knitting quite a few projects at the same time, and since I am splitting my time up between these projects, nothing seems to be getting finished quickly.  But I love the variety!

In the meantime I thought I would share with you some new things that I have received.

First up is this beautiful bag I ordered from Jenna Rose, as a Christmas present to me from my husband.  I have one other printed textile bag from this Etsy shop and I just love it.  I think this is the perfect size to fit a number of my ongoing projects instead of having them laying around everywhere.  I convinced my husband to let me take a few photos with the leaves to show you all, and now it is put away until Christmas.  He is such an agreeable man.  :) 

And then I couldn't resist this cute one from Jenna Rose as well.  This bag is the perfect size to store my sock knitting and it fits easily in my purse.  Each bag Jenna Rose makes is so unique and it makes me feel so good to support Canadian crafters.

Front view

Back view

Today I received my final installment from the Sweet Fiber Yarn Sock Club. This skein is called Monarch and consists of a deep chocolate brown colour with a mix of orange, gold and grey. Once again Melissa Thomson has created a beautiful colourway.  I think this skein will become a shawl.  I am looking forward to seeing what patterns/yarn kits Melissa comes out with this month as she has hinted that something new is going to be announced very shortly.  So stay tuned to her website.

Sweet Fiber Yarn Super Sweet Sock

Lastly there is this lovely autumnal yarn that showed up in the mail.  Sweet Fiber Yarns Cashmere DK in Spiced Pumpkin.  It is as soft as you would imagine.  I haven't settled on a pattern yet but I can hardly wait to get knitting with it.

Other news:

Have you checked out Hue Loco's new podcast?  The podcaster, Nicole Clark, lives in Colorado, and despite having young children and homeschooling them, she has time to sew project bags, dye yarn and knit. What really caught my interest is that she just released a video on how to sew a Christmas bag. Not only does she provide the how to on the video, she also has a pdf file you can download with the pattern.  I have decided to challenge myself and try to sew a few bags. With the help of Hue Loco's detailed video I am sure I can manage it. Now I just have to locate a sewing machine.  She has also suggested that she will be coming out with a few how-to video on dying yarn, which I am also looking forward to viewing.

I don't ever talk about apps but I have to say I am loving this free Apple app called Bitmoji Keyboard. In this app you create an image for yourself and then it creates a variety of emotions/sayings designed using your character. The great thing is you can email, message, tweet, etc. these sayings.  I can't tell you how many laughs I have got from it. Now we just have to get the designers of the program to create an expression for knitters.  I probably am the last person to know about this app but if you haven't checked it out have a look.  I think you will enjoy it.  To add to the fun they also have lots of designer outfits to chose from.  Here are just a few of my favourites:

I hope you all enjoy your week and get in a good amount of crafting time.  Take care!


  1. love those Jenna Rose bags, and that yarn from the sock club is beautiful!! Happy knitting.

  2. Those bags are adorable! And that Monarch sock yarn - oh my do I love that color!!

    Linda in VA