May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day and Suggestions on How To Spend a Day of Leisure

Happy Mother's Day!

Hopefully you will find time to relax this weekend whether you are a mother or not.  May I humbly offer a few suggestions to help fill your day?

While sipping on your morning coffee/tea, how about reading a few blogs?

Inspiring Blogs
The Fringe Association
Knitted Bliss
The Gift of Knitting
Purl Soho
The Blue Brick
Blueberry Hill Crafting

Pick up a knitting/crocheting project and watch some vlogs to keep you entertained:

Favourite Vlogs
Along the Lanes
Legacy Knitz
Casey Neistat
Fun for Louis

Of course checking out the newest patterns on Ravelry is a must.  Brooklyn Tweed is coming out with a new pattern collection May 11th, which I am sure many of you are looking forward to checking out.

Craftsy Tutorials
How about picking a Craftsy Class and learn something new?  There are so many classes to choose from in a variety of the arts.  Recently I bought My First Toe Up Socks by Susan B. Anderson.  I have been working on a pair of striped socks using Scrumptiouspurl Stripe Me Up yarn that I purchased at the Knitter Frolic's show in Toronto last weekend from Shall We Knit, a yarn store located in Waterloo.
Scrumptiouspurl Yarn

This class was the perfect cure to a hectic week.  I followed along listening to Susan's calming and encouraging voice and before I knew it I had knit my first pair of striped toe up socks.  It was the perfect balance to my crazy week. This is the fifth pair of socks I have ever knit but my first pair of toe up socks, using the afterthought heel and Russian bind off.  I am so pleased with my socks because Susan's instructions on gauge and fit are extremely helpful and have led to the first pair I have knit that truly fit.  

Essential Techniques Every Knitter Should Know  by Sally Melville is another Craftsy video that I recommend to all my knitting friends. I love this kind of platform for learning.  You can return to your video time and time again and even ask questions if you get stuck. Let's face it some of the videos on Youtube teaching knitting are not the best.  Craftsy gives you a chance to learn from an expert instructor who teaches knitting for a living.
Awaiting the afterthought heel

Books & Magazines
There are so many knitting books and magazines available.  Have you had a look at these?
Knit-Wear Magazine

And for a non-knitting favourite, here is a fantastic cookbook that comes highly recommended to me by a friend who is a cooking expert.
The Yellow Table 

I am looking forward to doing a few of these suggestions today while I enjoy some knitting time.  Those socks are awaiting the after thought heels and I will finish them up today.

And lastly, how about checking out some Instagram feeds. (Don't forget about mine:  woolercoaster :) There are so many fantastic ones out there.  Here are a few yarn stores Instagram feeds that I love, some of which I have had the good fortune to visit.

La Bien Aimée-a yarn store in France
Do Ewe Knit-a New Jersey yarn store with the best yarn photos
Fibre Space-a yarn store in Alexandria, Virginia
Loop London-another fabulous yarn store in London

Happy Mother's Day!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. aw, such a fantastic list of great ways to indulge a little! And so pleased to make your list, I'm really grateful!

    1. I look forward to reading your blogs every week!

  2. Ohhh, I feel so honored to be included in your list along with these wonderful blogs! Thank you so much, Christine! And thank you for other helpful links - off to check them!

    1. You are so have such an original way of approaching your blog...I really enjoy reading it.

  3. Thank you so much for including me in your list - these are all such wonderful blogs and feeds!

    1. I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a long time. You always seem to be knitting patterns I have in my queue and using yarns I have been wanting to try! I love all your beautiful photos too.