February 23, 2014

Off the Needles: Ravellinic Mittens

Here are my finished Snowfling Mittens, pattern and yarn by Tanis Fiber Arts, that I knit during the Olympics.  I really love the red cashmere lining, and how it makes the mittens extra warm hiding any yarn that might get caught on rings.  I have small hands and these mittens fit me perfectly.  I would definitely go up a needle size if I was knitting this again for someone with hands bigger than mine.
Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere yarn lining in Poppy
TFA Yellow Label in Natural and Charcoal

If you'd like to knit a pair you can buy pre-made kits on the Tanis Fiber Arts website. However, this particular colour combination was bought from Tanis during an Etsy sale.  It looks like I still have time to wear these mittens this winter as the temperatures remain cold in my part of the world.   Will it ever warm up?

Come back and join me next time as I review the yarn stores I visited during a recent visit to New York.

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